Add These 20 World Festivals to Your Bucket List

There is no better way for travelers to understand a country than to embed themselves in its cultural celebrations. World festivals are living museums of traditions that let you live and breathe the culture instead of being an onlooker.

If you’re a travel junkie and are looking for your next injection of worldly experience, add some of these festivals to your bucket list.

1. Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Thailand)

1_Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Thailand)

2. Agitagueda Art Festival (Portugal)

2_Agitagueda Art Festival (Portugal)

3. Holi Colour Festival (India)

3_Holi Colour Festival (India)

4. Winter Light Festival (Japan)

4_Winter Light Festival (Japan)

5. Golden Retriever Festival (Scotland)

5_Golden Retriever Festival (Scotland)

6. Mohácsi Busójárás (Hungary)


7. Floating Lantern (Hawaii)

7_Floating Lantern (Hawaii)

8. The International Highline Festival (Italy)

8_The International Highline Festival (Italy)

9. Albuquerque Balloon Fest (USA)

9_Albuquerque Balloon Fest (USA)

10. Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan)

10_Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan)

11. Dia De Los Muertos Festival (Mexico)

11_Dia De Los Muertos Festival (Mexico)

12. Burning Man (USA)

12_Burning Man (USA)

13. The Fuji Shibazakura Festival (Japan)

13_The Fuji Shibazakura Festival (Japan)

14. Songkran Water Festival (Thailand)

14_Songkran Water Festival (Thailand)

15. Rouketopolemos Rocket War (Greece)

15_Rouketopolemos Rocket War (Greece)

16. Jaipur Elephant Festival (India)

16_Jaipur Elephant Festival (India)

17. North Carolina Merfest

17_North Carolina Merfest

18. La Tomatina (Spain)


19. Cannabis Cup (USA)

19_Cannabis Cup (USA)

20. Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)

20_Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)


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