How To Travel in The Off-Season Like a Pro


No one likes to wait in lines, deal with traffic or stay at their third choice hotel because the others were sold out. The best way to combat this is to plan your trip for the off-season. But not unlike professional sports, each travel destination has its own unique off-season so planning is critical if you’re going to get it all to yourself.

As assistance in timing your vacation for maximum line-dodging, we present the following infographic prepared by Marriott.

If your destination of choice’s claim to fame is the beach, try getting there in early fall. In that seasonal sweet spot, the kids are back in school, the beaches are roomy, the water is still warm and the weather mild. Reserve the spring for your winter sports destinations, as there will still be snow at higher elevations and everyone else will be packing up their skis for the season. If you are thinking about heading to the tropics, think about the summer when the local beaches are packed and hurricanes scare some people off. Lastly, winter is the time to hit wine country, as places like Napa Valley see their crowds shuffle off to warmer climes. Here is the full infographic:

Originally found on TravelPulse.

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