The Ripple Effect Of United Airlines’ Grounded Flights



Lines continued to snake through check-in areas for United Airlines flights around the world on Wednesday, even after the airline resolved an earlier computer glitch. A “network connectivity issue” had forced the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to impose a ground stop on every single one of United’s flights. The airline resolved the issue in two hours and pledged to waive rebooking fees for tens of thousands of affected customers. However, the issue is expected to cause a tailback of flight delays for the remainder of the day.

3,500 Planes Grounded

Every United Airlines plane had to be grounded due to Wednesday’s technical issue, or around 3,500 aircraft worldwide.

373 Destinations Hit

Passengers at 373 destinations worldwide were affected by Wednesday’s glitch, but the bulk—235—were in the U.S.

138 International Destinations Hit

138 international destinations were affected by Wednesday’s grounding. United Airlines is the fourth biggest airline in the U.S., but it also flies to hundreds of other places worldwide, which means customers everywhere from California to Kuwait were affected.

80 Minutes On The Ground

The network connectivity issue caused the Federal Aviation Administration to impose the ground stop at 8.26 am E.T. United Airlines’ partner airlines were given the OK just 15 minutes later, but United Airlines planes had to wait 80 minutes before being allowed to resume operation,according to CNN.

$0.73 Per Share

Early trading figures showed that United Airlines stocks fell 1.3 percent or $0.73, in early trading after news broke about the grounding. For a company with a market cap of over $20billion, that’s a drop in valuation of more than $250 million.

Two Groundings In 2015

Wednesday morning was the second time in five weeks United Airlines grounded its planes over technical difficulties. Unlike this time around, the incident on June 2 only affected planes inside the U.S. A cryptic comment from United Airlines’s spokesman said that grounding was due to a problem with “proper dispatching information”.

40 Minutes Grounded

United Airlines’ earlier ground stop imposed on its flights on June 2 lasted for 40 minutes, half that of Wednesday’s grounding.

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